Snowbridge Becomes Node Operator of Indicio Blockchain Network, Driving Global Adoption of Decentralized Identity Technology

Snowbridge Becomes Node Operator of Indicio Blockchain Network, Driving Global Adoption of Decentralized Identity Technology

Indicio, a public benefit corporation from the U.S., announced that 21 companies worldwide support its blockchain network for decentralized ID on July 6th. Each company is responsible for managing a blockchain node and maintaining an Indicio decentralized ledger. The Indicio alliance network provides companies and organizations around the world with identity authentication services to people, businesses, and even IoTs while safeguarding the privacy of their personal data.

The Indicio alliance chain has nodes on all major continents. Snowbridge Inc., from Taiwan, is also one of Indicio’s founding node operators.
With a focus on blockchain technology and providing government and business-level applications, Snowbridge developed its exclusive decentralized identification technology two years ago, leveraging the decentralized and immutable nature of data storage on blockchains to allow applications to verify identity data while users are in full control of their personal data privacy. “With the increasing global focus on GDPR and other personal data protection laws, blockchain technology needs to ensure both data transparency and personal data privacy security,” Eric Chou, CEO of Snowbridge, stated. “Decentralized ID (DID) and verifiable credential technologies fit such demands perfectly, making them one of the most highlighted technologies for blockchain right now.”

“We are pleased to be a founding node operator of the Indicio network,” said Greg Kidd, the co-founder and CEO of GlobaliD. “Indicio’s business-class network is a core part of GlobaliD’s vision to provide ownership of users’ digital identities in a way that protects the privacy of their personal data. With reusable and user-controlled verifiable credentials, users can carry trusted identity credentials with them.”

“Our customers demand business-class networks to enable zero trust and password-less authentications,” said Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp, one of the founding node operators. “Indicio’s professional services and technical support provide reliability and high performance for decentralized services with potential for development. Such innovative alliance of experts is helping us facilitate a future that can be trusted by digitalized enterprises.”

The Indicio Network consists of three blockchain networks: The MainNet, for product and service deployment; The TestNet, for development; And the DemoNet, for piloting and product demonstration—all three networks are equipped with the latest monitoring and service tools.

“We are working together to build a better digital world,” said RJ Reiser, Chief Business Development Officer of Liquid Avatar Technologies. “Indicio node operators are creating a transitionary revolution in digital identity, enabling users to self-manage and control the data of their personal identity, which allows them to benefit from applications that use their digital identities and online data.”

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