Blocktrain Lab

Blocktrain Lab

It has been more than ten years since Bitcoin launched the DLT era, and blockchain is no longer a distant theoretical concept. Cryptocurrencies have become a part of people’s daily lives, while financial services are increasingly adopting blockchain technology to enhance the efficiency and security of their services. However, there remains a significant shortage of qualified engineers in this industry who fully comprehend how blockchain works.

Blocktrain Lab is an innovative learning platform that utilizes the Postchain platform to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the theory of distributed ledger technology while enabling them to practice programming simultaneously. This makes Blocktrain Lab an ideal tool for schools and educational institutions.

“See-through” the blocks

Many people studying blockchain often feel as though they are looking through a veil, struggling to understand the actual appearance of blocks. How are the blocks connected? What data is included in transactions? Blocktrain Lab provides a visual environment that enables learners to “”see through”” the blocks and transactions in the blockchain panel area. This includes checking consensus nodes, viewing the block header sequence, and examining the content and signatures of each transaction. Through hands-on tutorials, students can submit transactions and observe blockchain operations in real-time

Block Data Panel

Learning how to program

Blocktrain Lab is a dynamic training tool based on the ChromaWay Postchain platform. Students can learn how to program directly in the HTML and SQL Editing Panels by following the provided sample codes and running programs to observe blockchain operations. Instructors can utilize the templates provided to prepare lectures beforehand and enable students to practice on the codes. With Blocktrain Lab, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of blockchain and experiment with application development simultaneously.

HTML and SQL Editing Panel

Cloud Service

Blocktrain Lab is available through cloud services, eliminating the need for installation on local hosts. Teachers can simply register a lecture account to access the service and create student user accounts. In addition, teachers can select and assign lectures and manage the blockchain nodes

Sample lectures

Blocktrain Lab offers two pre-built sample lectures: “Crypto Transaction” and “File Time-stamping”:

The “Crypto Transaction” lecture covers the main operations of cryptocurrency, including wallet creation, token issuance, inter-account transactions, and account balance and history inquiry. This lecture provides students with hands-on experience on how cryptocurrency works and allows them to witness blockchain processes.

The “File Time-stamping” lecture demonstrates the most common application of blockchain: verifying the immutability of data on the blockchain. Students can upload files as transactions to the blockchain and verify their authenticity.

In addition to these two sample lectures, Snowbridge is ready to assist teachers in creating customized lecture plans.

The Lecture of Crypto Transaction