Data Notary

Data Notary

#Watcher leverages blockchain technology to ensure the availability and immutability of critical information. Additionally, the system offers system administrators a comprehensive platform for managing data and detecting file changes. Enterprise stakeholders can also utilize #Watcher to verify the authenticity of data obtained through blockchains. The system can be built with Chromaway Postchain or Hyperledger-Fabric, both of which offer robust blockchain capabilities.

Document notarization is one of the most common blockchain applications for enterprises. Traditional system management usually detects files by comparing attribute data, checking system size, and calculating hash values. However, clever hackers can erase log records or forge file attributes to cover up intrusions. Even when file hashes are used, there is still no guarantee that the hashes are original. #Watcher takes a different approach by using a distributed ledger to store data hashes and index key values, and a decentralized IPFS file system to store the original data. This method ensures both immutable hash values and easy access to the original data.

The #Watcher is composed of three main components: the blockchain platform, the IPFS system, and the main application system. The blockchain platform acts as a decentralized repository for data hashes. The original files are stored in the decentralized IPFS system, which uses real-time synchronization and fragmentation to store data by its “content identifier (CID)”, a unique hash value. This ensures that any changes to data result in a new CID, preventing data from being erroneously overwritten or deleted.

#Watcher System Architecture

With #Watcher, users can be confident that their data is secure and immutable, while also being readily accessible when necessary. The system offers unparalleled transparency and auditability, ensuring that all changes to critical information are tracked and recorded in a tamper-proof manner. With blockchain technology at its core, Watcher is designed to provide a reliable and secure platform for managing and verifying data, enabling enterprises to focus on their core operations with peace of mind. The suitable applications include:

。System Log Repository

Online Contracting

。Digital Data Notary

。Document Digitization

The System Log Notary Project