Verifiable Credential

Verifiable Credential

In the era of Web 3.0, user identities and personal information are no longer exclusively controlled by a few centralized websites and applications. Instead, users have the freedom to interact with various online users and systems, exchanging data and verifying data authenticity through blockchain technology. By merging the virtual and real worlds, a metaverse can be established.

CLIP, which stands for “Credential,” “License,” “Identity,” and “Proof,” streamlines the process of issuing various digital certificates for different purposes. It can be used to protect privacy in areas such as membership management, healthcare privacy, license and certificate management, and web account management, among others. CLIP allows issuers to issue digital certificates effortlessly, creating a more streamlined and efficient process.

CLIP enables users to exercise control over the information they choose to disclose and the amount of information they wish to reveal. With the ultimate objective of achieving Self-Sovereign Identity, personal privacy can be fully protected, while simultaneously allowing for the verification of personal data from any location around the world. Through the use of advanced blockchain encryption technologies like zero-knowledge proof and selective disclosure, CLIP is compliant with the W3C Verifiable Credential specifications and provides system integration APIs.

By leveraging these features, CLIP offers a reliable and secure solution for identity management and data verification. Users can be confident that their personal data is protected while maintaining control over the information they choose to share. The incorporation of blockchain technology ensures data immutability, while zero-knowledge proof and selective disclosure guarantee that personal data is only revealed when absolutely necessary.

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